Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M GMT Worldtimer Summer Blue Watch Review

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M GMT Worldtimer watch was born in 2017. At that time, Omega knew that in order to accurately and conveniently grasp the time in various time zones around the world, world time watches were very popular among watch enthusiasts, so it released this series of works. , enriching the product line of the Seamaster series with complex functions. Omega has conquered watch enthusiasts around the world with its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship, and has received great praise. In the new product upgrade in May last year, Omega also focused on the appearance design of the Aqua Terra 150M GMT Worldtimer watch, including innovative material applications such as titanium case and ceramic bezel, as well as green dial, black gray dial, and today’s Summer Blue provides more rich choices.

In terms of size data, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M GMT Worldtimer Summer Blue watch has an iconic symmetrical case design of 43 mm and a thickness of 14.1 mm. Just looking at the size may make some watch friends think it is too big, but in fact, being larger does make it easier to read the dial indication of the world time more clearly. In terms of decoration, the side of the stainless steel case is mainly brushed, while a large number of polished finishes are decorated on the front and angular edges of the case. This polishing also extends to Omega's iconic twisted lugs. It is worth noting that this model does not have a ceramic bezel like the previous green version or the titanium black version. Instead, it uses a stainless steel bezel. From my understanding, Omega wants to match Summer with its metallic luster. The special dial color equipped with Blue creates a more integrated and harmonious visual effect.

The watch is waterproof to a depth of 150 meters. Its ice-blue dial is matched with teak deck pattern, which is rich in texture and refreshing and cool, which represents the light blue sea level. Omega also made a certain gradient outward with the central earth as the center, and modified the sun pattern effect. At the same time, in order not to affect the overall vision of the disk, Omega also specially made the date display at six o'clock with an ice blue background. Related Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra clone watches.

The design of the northern hemisphere map with the North Pole as the center in the center of the disk is also the absolute highlight of the watch. Omega uses grade 5 titanium as the base plate, uses laser ablation technology to carve out the texture and texture of the terrain, and then uses laser technology for coloring, showing a sandblasted blue ocean and a silver-effect relief shape for each continent. land massif. In terms of the details of the earth, you can see that Omega has also restored the appearance of high-altitude areas, including the earth’s own slight curved surface effect to imitate the curvature of the real earth. Compared with the central map of the old AT150 world timer, there is no doubt that the new model is more refined and delicate.

The world time function of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M GMT Worldtimer watch is also intuitive and unique to operate, which is different from the conventional world time. First of all, the two outermost city rings on the Seamaster disk cannot rotate. Only the 24-hour scale ring on the inner ring made of plexiglass is movable. However, as long as the wearer aligns the 24-hour ring with where you are at any time, After the local time, for example, it is 14 o'clock in the afternoon in Beijing, the map will be aligned with 14 o'clock in Beijing, and the accurate time around the world will be at your fingertips. When traveling, you only need to pull out the crown and adjust the hour and minute hands to the local local time zone. The world time still refers to the inner 24-hour ring, with the light blue scale area indicating daytime and the dark blue scale area indicating night time. This way of using Omega with reference to world time is not only excellent in legibility, but also convenient and easy to use. The rhodium-plated hands and hour markers on the dial are coated with light blue Super-LumiNova.

Omega's 8938 Master Chronometer movement, as the 8900 movement equipped with a world time module, has Master Chronometer certified performance, so there is no need to worry. It is also equipped with a silicon hairspring, which provides the watch with anti-magnetic capabilities that can withstand 15,000 Gauss and a daily error. It is controlled at 0/+5 seconds and has a power reserve of 60 hours when fully connected. Summer Blue watches do not have backs, but use a unique and commemorative dense bottom design. The ground cover is engraved with the pattern logo of Poseidon holding a trident and two seahorse mounts. An ice blue rubber woven strap in the same color as the dial. Omega also has a stainless steel bracelet version to choose from.

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